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Sad Opera Zoo is the combination of many different aliases formed over the last few years by a learning musician. This will be the last official release on this label. It's been fun, JN!R.

This EP is intended to finally put John's Noise! Records completely out of commission. We would like to thank all of the people who were involved, as well as all of the artists who chose us to release their music. It was fun and really helped me through a tough time. This page will remain here and all downloads, like always, will be free. The JOHN'S NOISE! RECORDS ARCHIVE has officially been opened. To all future visitors, please take the time to listen to what we have here. It's noise, it's fuzzy, it's beautiful. So, adios!

A note from Sad Opera Zoo:

"I am not an artist anymore. I don't think I was ever an artist. I think maybe it's because I'm too much of a common man. I don't think outside of the box, I fix what's inside of it. Yet it's a label that has followed me through every avenue of my life. So, right now, I am without a label. I think, that maybe, I now have a clean slate. There are times when I think of myself as a prisoner who finally got released. Everything I've ever known was fit inside of a tiny cell. I'm so tired. I'm ready to move on. This is my declaration of independence. This is where I throw everything I have left on the table and I begin to sort through it all. Maybe they're old photographs, wrongly etched into my mind. Maybe they're objects that have no meaning anymore. I think that I'll throw some of them away. I'm good at throwing away things. It's time to move on... because I can't die knowing my soul is still somewhat possessed."


released March 19, 2017

Produced & Recorded at Shannon's Belly Studios.
Released by John's Noise! Records.
Catalogue #: JNR000 (The Last)



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A now defunct record label that was dedicated to sharing anything in the noise genre, as well as anything experimental.

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